Elia is a web-based application that helps users improve their English vocabulary while browsing the web. It offers a range of features to enhance language skills, boost productivity, and perform better at work.

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how to use:
1. Install the Elia Chrome extension.2. Browse the web as you normally would.3. When you come across a new English word, Elia provides translations directly on the website in 12 languages.4. Elia marks useful words for your level and highlights them as you browse.5. Save the words and practice them later through mini quizzes created by Elia.6. Elia also warns you of common mistakes to help you avoid awkward errors.7. Keep learning on your favorite websites and make progress in English effortlessly.
Core freatures:
Translation feature with 12 language optionsHighlighting of useful words based on user levelWord saving and practice through mini quizzesPrompting of common mistakes while browsingSeamless integration with ChromeEasy installation and setupGDPR compliant and encrypted
Use case:

English language learners looking to expand their vocabulary

Professionals aiming to improve their English skills for better job performance

Individuals who want to enhance productivity by learning new words while browsing the web

FAQ list:
What languages are supported by Elia’s translation feature? Can I customize the level of useful words highlighted by Elia? How can I practice the words I save using Elia? Does Elia offer support for common mistakes in grammar or pronunciation? Is Elia available for browsers other than Chrome? Is Elia compliant with data protection regulations?


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