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Eazy Editor is an AI-powered software program that offers a wide range of features for editing images and videos. Its main focus is on automatic background removal, allowing users to easily change or add new backgrounds to their content. It also provides tools for object erasing, adding shadows, removing text, resizing images, and batch editing. The user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing make Eazy Editor a versatile solution for e-commerce sellers, content creators, and professionals looking to enhance their visual content.

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how to use:
To use Eazy Editor, simply download the software from their website and sign up for the beta program. Once you have access, you can upload your images or videos to the platform. For background removal, Eazy Editor’s AI-powered technology automatically detects and removes backgrounds, giving you the option to change or add new backgrounds. The object eraser tool allows you to easily remove unwanted objects or elements from your visuals. You can also add shadows to make your objects stand out. Removing text from an image is as simple as clicking on it. Resize images or videos to the desired dimensions for social media or e-commerce platforms. If you have multiple images that require the same edits, you can use the batch edit feature to apply changes to all of them with a single click.
Core freatures:
Automatic background removalObject eraserAdding or removing shadowsText eraserImage and video resizingBatch editing
Use case:

E-commerce sellers enhancing product images

Content creators producing engaging visuals

Professionals streamlining their workflow

Social media content creation

Product photography

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