Dust is an AI assistant that combines large language models, updated company knowledge, collaboration applications, and an extensible platform to help teams craft better content, understand their environment, and make better decisions.

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how to use:
To use Dust, sign in with your GitHub or Google account. Then, securely connect Dust to your company’s knowledge and data. Use the chat UI to access always up-to-date answers, get suggestions for documentation updates, and ramp up on the potential of generative AI. You can also build custom workflows on top of your company data with Dust’s assistance.
Core freatures:
Access to GPT-4 and internal knowledgeSecure AI assistant with company knowledgeUnified and safe access to GPT-4Break down knowledge silosShare prompts and conversations with the teamGet documentation update suggestionsBuild custom Large Language Model appsAssistance with working with LLMsAugmenting humans, not replacing themUncompromising data security and privacySolving hard problems on user experience and product quality
Use case:

Crafting better content

Understanding the environment faster

Making better decisions

Ramping up on generative AI

Building custom workflows

Improving documentation

Enhancing collaboration

FAQ list:


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