AI generated images with Stable Diffusion for Notion is a tool that allows users to easily create visuals for their Notion pages using artificial intelligence (AI) generated images. It provides a frictionless image generation experience by integrating a new command/dream feature into Notion, where users can write a prompt that describes the image they want. The AI then generates the image directly in Notion, replacing the prompt with the generated image.

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how to use:
To use AI generated images with Stable Diffusion for Notion, follow these steps:
1. Login to the AI generated images for Notion website.
2. Access Notion and open the page where you want to add an AI-generated image.
3. Use the command ‘/dream’ followed by your prompt to describe the image you want (e.g., ‘/dreammonstera plant in a pot, in realistic style’).
4. End the prompt by adding a dot ‘.’ to indicate you’re done.
5. The AI will generate the image based on your prompt and replace it directly below the prompt in Notion.
Core freatures:
Frictionless image generation within NotionIntegration with Stable Diffusion AI modelsAbility to describe the desired image using promptsDirect replacement of the prompt with the generated imageMultiple pricing plans availableAbility to cancel subscription monthlyPrompt Writing Skills improvement through monthly promptsTerms and Feedback available on the website
Use case:

Enhancing visual content in Notion pages

Creating realistic images of objects or scenes

Adding customized visuals to project documentation

Generating images for educational materials

Making presentations more visually appealing

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