DoubleCloud with GPT-4

DoubleCloud is a platform managed service that enables the building of sub-second data analytical solutions and pipelines using proven open-source technologies like ClickHouse and Apache Kafka. It takes care of the management aspects, allowing developers to focus on development.

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how to use:
To use DoubleCloud, you can sign up for a demo to see how it works. The platform provides managed services for ClickHouse, Apache Kafka, and visualization. It also offers a data transfer solution to aggregate and migrate data from different sources. DoubleCloud’s platform simplifies the process of building analytics for various scenarios, such as advertising, web/mobile/gaming apps, customer-facing analytics, EdTech data analytics, observability and monitoring, and real-time analytics.
Core freatures:
Managed service for ClickHouseManaged service for Apache KafkaDoubleCloud VisualizationDoubleCloud Transfer
Use case:

Analytics for advertising scenarios

Analytics for web, mobile, and gaming apps

Customer-facing analytics

EdTech data analytics

Observability and monitoring

Real-time analytics

FAQ list:


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