Dora AI (Alpha)

Dora is a no-code platform that allows designers to effortlessly create stunning 3D and animated websites without the need for coding. It provides a visual canvas where users can design and publish professional and custom websites.

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how to use:
To use Dora, simply sign up for an account and start exploring the endless possibilities. Designers can seamlessly switch from Figma, import 3D objects and scenes, and create mind-blowing effects previously only achievable through coding. With Dora’s drag-and-connect constraint layout system, responsive layouts have never been more intuitive. Users can easily create sites of any size, customize templates, and deliver flawless projects.
Core freatures:
Design and publish stunning 3D and animated websitesNo coding requiredVisual canvas for designing websitesFully responsive designsFlexible domain setupsSeamless integration with FigmaDrag-and-connect constraint layout systemImport 3D objects and scenesAdvanced animation capabilitiesProfessional templatesGlobal community for learning, teaching, and connecting
Use case:

Creating professional portfolio websites

Building interactive and visually appealing landing pages

Designing immersive and engaging product showcase websites

Crafting unique and captivating storytelling websites

Developing visually stunning websites for events or conferences

FAQ list:
Can I use Dora without coding knowledge? Can I import my designs from Figma into Dora? Can I create responsive websites with Dora? What kind of websites can I create with Dora? Is there a free plan available?


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