DoNotPay is an AI consumer champion platform that uses artificial intelligence to help users fight against big corporations, protect their privacy, find hidden money, and overcome bureaucracy.

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how to use:
To use DoNotPay, sign up or sign in to the platform. Once logged in, you can access a variety of tools and features to fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, find hidden money, and cancel subscriptions. Simply select the desired action or service and follow the prompts provided by the platform.
Core freatures:
Fight corporationsBeat bureaucracyFind hidden moneyCancel subscriptions automatically
Use case:

Surf free trials

Beat parking tickets

Sue robocallers for cash

Contact government representatives

Dispute seatbelt tickets

Find unclaimed money

Fight workplace discrimination

Get cash back

Negotiate hotel bills

Remove negative reviews and photos

FAQ list:
What is DoNotPay? How can I use DoNotPay? What are the core features of DoNotPay? What are some use cases for DoNotPay? Does DoNotPay provide pricing information?


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