Dialogai is a WhatsApp chatbot powered by the AI technology of ChatGPT. It can transcribe voice messages, answer questions, provide summaries, and formulate replies. It aims to make conversations easier and more convenient.

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how to use:
To use Dialogai, you can either send a text message or ask a question using a voice message. It will transcribe your voice message into text and provide an answer using AI. You can also forward voice messages to Dialogai for transcription. Additionally, you can record follow-up questions and Dialogai will remember the context of your conversation for 10 minutes.
Core freatures:
The core features of Dialogai include transcribing voice messages into text, answering questions using AI, summarizing long voice messages, researching unfamiliar topics, formulating replies, and remembering conversation context for 10 minutes.
Use case:

Dialogai can be used for various purposes such as asking for recipes, seeking financial advice, improving sleep quality, or exploring any topic of interest. The possibilities are limitless.

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