Diagram is a platform that offers AI-powered design tools to unleash creativity. It provides various tools and features to assist designers in their creative process.

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how to use:
To use Diagram, simply sign up for an account and log in. Once logged in, you can explore the different design tools and features available. You can generate SVG icons, generate images in Figma, write and edit Figma text layers, rename layers intelligently, create fully-editable UI designs, automate design tasks, and access UI-AI models for design asset generation. The platform seamlessly integrates with Figma, providing a convenient design environment.
Core freatures:
AI-powered design toolsSVG icon generationImage generation in FigmaIntelligent layer renamingFully-editable UI designsDesign automationUI-AI models for design asset generationIntegration with Figma
Use case:

Generating SVG icons for design projects

Quickly generating images in Figma while designing

Writing and editing Figma text layers with real copy

Intelligently renaming design layers to save time

Creating fully-editable UI designs based on product descriptions

Automating design tasks to streamline workflow

Generating design assets using UI-AI models for various purposes

FAQ list:
What can I do with Diagram’s AI-powered design tools? How does Diagram integrate with Figma? What is the pricing for Diagram’s products? What are some use cases for Diagram’s design tools?


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