Delve AI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that automatically creates data-driven buyer personas for businesses and their competitors. It leverages data from various sources to generate personas within minutes, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

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how to use:
To create personas for your business, you can choose from different options based on your needs. Whether you want to create personas for your website using Google Analytics data, develop personas from your customer/CRM data, generate social personas for your social media audience, or research competitors and their keywords, Delve AI has solutions for each scenario. Simply select the relevant persona type, enter the required information, and Delve AI will automatically generate personas packed with valuable insights.
Core freatures:
Automatic persona creationData-driven insightsAudience intelligenceSocial enrichmentCompetitor analysisAutomatic updatesIndustry specific insightsUser journeysCustomer data enrichmentCustomer research
Use case:

Create personas for your website

Develop personas of your customers

Get rich insights about your social media audience

Research competitors and their keywords

FAQ list:
What data sources does Delve AI use? How long does it take to generate personas with Delve AI? Can Delve AI automatically update personas? Does Delve AI provide industry specific insights?


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