DecorAI is an AI-driven interior design solution that allows homeowners and small businesses to generate their dream rooms in seconds. By simply taking a picture of their room, users can see how it would look in different themes and get personalized recommendations for furniture and decor.

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how to use:
To use DecorAI, follow these steps:
1. Take a picture of your room.
2. Upload the picture to the DecorAI website.
3. Select different themes to visualize how your room would look.
4. Explore the AI-generated room and make adjustments as desired.
5. Get personalized recommendations for furniture and decor to bring your dream room to life.
Core freatures:
AI-driven room generationAbility to visualize rooms in different themesPersonalized recommendations for furniture and decorVirtual room visualization
Use case:

Redesigning spaces without the need for an expensive interior designer

Finding temporary furniture and decor solutions for renters

Designing and furnishing spaces for small businesses

FAQ list:
How does DecorAI generate dream rooms? Can DecorAI recommend specific furniture and decor for my dream room? Is there a limit to the number of themes I can try for my room? Can DecorAI help me visualize my design ideas? Can I use DecorAI to transform my living room into a stylish space?


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