is an AI tool that generates creative advertising ideas and strategic briefs for creatives and agencies. It utilizes GPT-3, a large language model trained on human-written creative advertising campaigns, to provide concepts-on-demand for advertising professionals.

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how to use:
To use, simply log in to your account on the dashboard. You can then try the AI tool for free and access various generators for strategists and creatives. The generators allow you to input a brief and generate creative ideas or strategic briefs based on your specific needs. You can also use the AI creative partner, Ari, to collaborate and generate ideas in a natural chat interface.
Core freatures:
Generates creative advertising ideas and strategic briefsUses GPT-3, a large language model trained on human-written campaignsOffers multi-output generator for generating three creative ideas at onceProvides generators for both strategists and creativesIncludes an AI creative partner (Ari) for collaborative idea generation
Use case:

Creative idea generation for advertising agencies

Strategic brief generation for brands

Collaborative idea generation and revision with the AI creative partner

FAQ list:
Who owns the ideas that are outputted by Daydrm tools? Who can see the outputs I generate? Does the Daydrm AI model ‘learn’ from my brief and become part of the model’s knowledge?


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