DataSpark AI

DataSpark is an AI Investment Platform offering ESG Data, ESG APIs, and ESG Reporting solutions for Sustainable Asset Management. It provides access to AI modules and a wide range of financial, ESG, and alternative data, empowering investors to make informed decisions on a single platform.

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how to use:
To use DataSpark, sign up and log in to the platform. The platform allows you to integrate AI into your financial tasks and automate core tasks using AI modules. You can access a universe of financial, sustainability, and alternative data from over 1,000 sources. This data can be combined and managed on the platform to transform it into actionable information, enabling you to make effective investment decisions.
Core freatures:
Access to financial, sustainability, and alternative dataAI modules to automate core tasksIntegration of AI in financial tasksData management and integration on a single platformPartnership with Hitachi to drive sustainabilityHosted AI models on the cloud for easy accessEfficiency enhancement through automationExploration of alternative and unstructured informationManagement and integration of +1,000 data sourcesCost and time savings compared to existing routinesFocus on strategy instead of data organizationUnlocking insights and discovering new ideas
Use case:

Designing top-performing portfolios

Improving ESG alignment

Bringing data to European markets

Integrating ESG factors and sustainability into investments and assets

Empowering sustainable finance

Evolution and resilience of organizations and financial institutions

Leading the shift towards digital and sustainable finance

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