DataGPTd is a personal data analyst tool that allows users to chat, visualize, and edit their data using just text. It enables users to load their data files, ask questions, derive insights with machine learning, create charts and graphs, and share session results.

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how to use:
1. Signup/Login: Create an account or login to DataGPTd.
2. Load Your Data: Watch the video tutorial to learn how to load a .csv file and start a session.
3. Edit Your Data: Interact and chat with your data to analyze and make changes.
4. Derive Insights With Machine Learning: Utilize machine learning algorithms to gain meaningful insights from your data.
5. Share Your Session Results: Share the results of your analysis with others.
Core freatures:
Key features of DataGPTd include: data loading from CSV files and Excel spreadsheets, easy data analysis through asking questions without complex syntax, data visualization through creating charts and graphs with simple commands.
Use case:

DataGPTd can be used in various situations such as data analysis for businesses, conducting research, making informed decisions based on data insights, and simplifying data visualization tasks.

FAQ list:


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