Currux Vision – AI Driving Assistant

Currux Vision is a company that builds autonomous AI systems for smart infrastructure, helping cities, government agencies, and infrastructure developers monitor, optimize, and monetize complex infrastructure projects.

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how to use:
To use Currux Vision’s autonomous AI systems, cities and infrastructure developers can deploy their Plug-and-Play Edge AI Servers in local networks or use a hybrid edge/cloud configuration. The systems utilize existing CCTV, traffic controller, and sensor infrastructure to monitor and enforce traffic violations, detect and track objects, and improve the efficiency and safety of infrastructure.
Core freatures:
AI-enabled solutions for intelligent transport systems and infrastructure monitoringTraffic violations detection and enforcementMonetization and optimization of infrastructure projectsSafety and security enhancements through AISystem efficiency and flexibility without expensive hardware upgradesAutonomous camera PTZ control and object tracking
Use case:

Monitoring and controlling complex infrastructure

Dispatching enforcement resources to areas with dangerous behaviors

Automated enforcement of traffic violations

Improving system efficiency and flexibility

Utilizing AI for infrastructure autonomy

Autonomous camera control and object tracking

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