Cuely is an AI-assisted work app that helps teams accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. It utilizes AI technology, such as chatGPT, to provide assistance in various work-related activities, including drafting emails, searching for industry information, checking grammar and spellings, translating languages, and more.

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how to use:
To use Cuely, you can integrate it into your team’s Slack workspace. There are three ways to interact with Cuely within Slack:

1. Use the /cue command in any channel to prompt Cuely for assistance.
2. Mention @cuely in group chats to engage Cuely in the conversation.
3. Message Cuely directly for one-on-one interactions.

Cuely can perform tasks like drafting replies, messages, and reports; checking tones of messages; summarizing long text into key points; providing advice on problems; and many other use cases.
Core freatures:
Draft replies, messages, and reportsCheck grammar and spellingsExpand key points into full paragraphsSummarize long text into key pointsTranslate between any languagesSearch for industry information
Use case:

Searching for industry information

Drafting replies, messages, and reports

Checking grammar and spellings

Checking tones of messages

Expanding key points into full paragraphs

Summarizing long text into key points

Getting advice on problems

Translating between languages

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