Corpora is an AI-powered platform that allows users to talk, search, and generate data. It enables users to retrieve and generate accurate content quickly using natural language and leverages the latest GPT models to increase productivity.

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how to use:
To use, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for an account on the website.
2. Upload any files you want to work with, such as course materials, contracts, or reports.
3. Ask questions or give instructions in natural language, and will provide instant, accurate answers or generate content for you.
4. Use the collections feature to organize your files and keep track of previous questions and notes.
5. Take advantage of the extraction and analysis capabilities to quickly find the data you need from unstructured data.
6. Utilize for various use cases such as studying, extracting insights, building chat bots, and more.
7. Explore additional features like document insights, direct GPT chat, and citations to enhance your user experience.
Core freatures:
Talk to-Search through-Generate your Data with AIUpload and analyze files in various formatsAccess GPT-4 directly from the dashboardCreate collections to organize filesExtract data from unstructured dataRetrieve data from legal contracts using OCRGet insights and trends from company filingsBuild a better data workflowQuickly find answers to questions in policies and lawsCreate chat bots trained on your own documentsRetrieve citations and view side-by-side comparisonsChoose between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 modelsSave and reuse tasks and promptsCustomize output styles and formatting
Use case:

Studying and solving problems for students

Extracting insights and trends from company filings

Creating chat bots for customer support

Analyzing legal contracts and retrieving data

Building better data workflows for organizations

Finding relevant information in policies and laws

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