Copyleaks is an AI-based platform widely used by millions worldwide to instantly detect plagiarized content, AI-generated content, and more. It offers solutions for verifying the authenticity of content written by humans or generated by AI. With Copyleaks, users can integrate AI content detection into their native platforms, easily detect AI content within their own LMS platforms, and check for plagiarism in various contexts.

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how to use:
To use Copyleaks, simply create an account and log in. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different products such as AI Content Detector, Plagiarism Detector, Gen AI Governance, and AI Grader. These products provide features like detecting AI-generated content, verifying originality, preventing data leaks, and assessing standardized tests. Copyleaks offers options for API integration, LMS integration, and a Chrome extension for easy access and integration into existing workflows.
Core freatures:
AI-based content detectionVerification of human or AI-generated contentPlagiarism detectionAPI integration for seamless implementationLMS integration for easy usage within learning platformsGen AI Governance for preventing data leaksAI Grader for efficient assessment of standardized tests
Use case:

Detecting plagiarized content

Verifying the authenticity of content written by humans or generated by AI

Preventing data leaks in generative AI

Efficient assessment of standardized tests in education

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