Contlo is a Next-Gen AI marketing assistant for fast-growing modern businesses powered by your Brand??s AI model and autonomous AI agents.

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how to use:
To use Contlo, sign up for free on the website by providing your email. Once signed up, you can access Contlo’s AI marketing assistant. Simply chat with the AI to run your entire marketing, including tasks like sending omnichannel campaigns, generating landing pages and creatives, and gaining marketing performance insights. Contlo also offers seamless support with a hybrid AI + human team available 24/7.
Core freatures:
Brand AI Model? to generate on-brand marketing creatives using AIAI Marketer? for running full-stack marketing by chatting with AIOmnichannel campaign management across Email, SMS & WhatsAppGenerative marketing workflows for personalized customer journeysIntegration with platforms like Shopify and WordPress/WoocommerceAI Research Lab for exploring and advancing AI in ecommerce marketingIntegration with 200+ native integrations
Use case:

Retention marketing to drive repeat purchases and reduce customer drop-offs

Personalization to create a more personalized connection with customers

Automated customer journeys to enhance marketing workflows

Cross-channel automation to boost conversions

Audience management with custom AI for intelligent segmentation

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