Contenda is a generative AI platform that helps you repurpose your technical content faster and more efficiently than an agency. It allows you to convert podcasts, blogs, transcripts, and videos into engaging recaps, interactive FAQs, informative summaries, and more.

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how to use:
Using Contenda is simple. Just upload your media, whether it’s a link or a transcript. Contenda will then break down your content, extracting all the topics and key points. Next, you can select the topics you want to highlight and generate marketing copy. Contenda also lets you create Q&A documents by extracting relevant questions and answers. You can upload your own writing samples to preserve your voice and easily build effective content without going back to the original episode.
Core freatures:
Convert any podcast, blog, transcript, or video into engaging recaps, interactive FAQs, informative summaries, and moreUpload media easily through links or transcriptsExtract topics and key points from your contentGenerate marketing copy based on selected topicsCreate Q&A documents for SEO purposes and increased trafficPreserve your voice through uploaded writing samplesEffortlessly build content without referring back to the original episode
Use case:

Repurposing technical content for enterprise blogs and developer documentation

Converting conference talks into informative summaries and interactive FAQs

Transforming videos into engaging recaps and interactive content

Repurposing blogs, podcasts, and transcripts for various marketing channels

Creating summaries and recaps for faster content consumption

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