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Conju is an AI assistant for home services that texts back missed callers, answers their questions, and books new sales over SMS. It engages leads with personalized conversations, generates estimates, sends payment links and appointment reminders, and integrates with popular CRMs and booking systems.

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how to use:
To use Conju, home service operators can sign up for the service and enable the SMS widget on their website. Conju will automatically text back missed callers, answer their questions, provide estimates, and book new jobs. Operators can monitor conversations and intervene when needed, and Conju will continuously improve its performance over time.
Core freatures:
Texts back missed callersAnswers customer questionsGenerates estimatesBooks new jobsSends payment links and appointment remindersIntegrates with popular CRMs and booking systems
Use case:




Pool and fountain care




Plumbing and Electrical

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