Complice AI

Complice AI is the first native ChatGPT iOS and macOS App that serves as the ultimate AI toolbox. Users can ask anything, create unique content, and boost their productivity using the various AI tools and plugins available in the app.

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how to use:
To use Complice AI, simply download the app for free on your iOS or macOS device. Once installed, open the app and start interacting with the ChatGPT-powered chatbot by asking any questions or requesting assistance. You can also access over 10 AI tools directly within the Complice Chat for a more convenient user experience. Additionally, you can use Complice Speak to ask questions using your voice. The app also provides access to chat history, offline usage, and the latest GPT models.
Core freatures:
Native ChatGPT iOS and macOS App10+ AI tools and pluginsBoost productivityCreate unique contentPrivacy-mindedComplice Speak for voice-based interactionAccess AI writing toolsChat history accessLatest GPT modelsLock screen widgetsDesigned for every Apple device
Use case:

Getting quick answers

Writing essays, emails, and texts

Summarizing and paraphrasing texts

Improving spelling and grammar

Increasing productivity

Content creation

FAQ list:
What is Complice AI? How do I use Complice AI? What are the core features of Complice AI? What are the use cases of Complice AI? Is there a free trial for Complice AI?


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