Collie is a web development tool that offers an embedded search bar to elevate the user experience on any website. It enables seamless search by fetching and indexing every asset on the site.

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how to use:
To use Collie, simply embed the provided search bar on your website or call the API directly. Once installed, Collie’s automated web scraping program will visit the URLs on your site and extract content, media, and files. These assets are then added to a searchable index called Mixpeek. Users can enter their search query in the embedded search bar and receive relevant results instantly.
Core freatures:
Embedded search barWebsite search experience optimizationAsset fetching and indexingSeamless search experience
Use case:

Collie is ideal for any website that wants to enhance its user experience through efficient and effective search functionality. It can be used by businesses, e-commerce platforms, content-heavy websites, and any other site that benefits from easy access to its assets and information.

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