Cogniflow is a no-code AI platform that allows users to boost their productivity by integrating AI into their workflow without any coding. It enables users to create AI models using text, image, or audio data, providing a seamless and efficient way to automate information extraction, chat with documents, and analyze images.

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how to use:
To use Cogniflow, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for free on the Cogniflow website.
2. Choose the AI features you want to utilize, such as chat with documents, automate info extraction, or image analysis.
3. Train a custom model by following a few easy steps or use pre-trained AI models ready for use.
4. Connect any app or program to your AI models using an API-ready service or use add-ons for Excel or Google Sheets.
5. Start using AI in your workflow to boost productivity, save time, and automate tasks.
Core freatures:
No-code AI platformText, image, and audio analysisChat with documentsAutomate info extractionImage analysis for life-science researchIntegration with Zapier and Bubble.ioEasy to use and deployFull native support for Spanish, Portuguese, and English
Use case:

Customer service



Speech to text

Offensive language detection

R??sum?? parsing

English level evaluation

Document extraction

Car damage severity assessment

Leaf diseases detection

Sounds identification

X-ray analysis

Cells detection

Reduce attrition

Innovation and digital transformation

Inventory forecasting

Predictive maintenance

Passport or ID scanner

Receipt or invoice scanner

FAQ list:
Is coding knowledge required to use Cogniflow? What languages does Cogniflow support? Can I integrate Cogniflow with other apps or programs? What are some use cases for Cogniflow?


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