Cody is an intelligent AI assistant that can be trained on your business’s knowledge base. It can support your team by answering questions, providing instant answers to business queries, troubleshooting issues, brainstorming ideas, and completing tasks.

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how to use:
1. Teach Cody: Upload files or import content using URLs to provide Cody with the necessary knowledge to serve its purpose effectively.
2. Customize Cody: Tailor Cody’s roles, strictness, and other settings to set up specialized chatbots for various tasks.
3. Share Cody: Seamlessly integrate Cody with your employees or customers by sharing a link, using inline embed, or popup embed.
4. Ask Cody: Interact with Cody by asking questions on the chat screen to receive accurate and relevant answers instantly.
Core freatures:
Instant answers to business questionsUpload and customize your own knowledge baseProvide sources for every answerBoost employee efficiencyProvide support and troubleshoot issuesBrainstorm ideas and give suggestionsMultilingual supportIntegration with favorite tools
Use case:

Answering business questions

Completing tasks faster

Troubleshooting digital tools

Providing support to teammates

Brainstorming ideas and gaining insights

FAQ list:
What is Cody? How does Cody work? Can I upload documents to Cody? Can I train Cody on my specific business processes? Is Cody a replacement for human employees?


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