ClearCypherAI is a US-based AI startup that specializes in generative audio solutions and datasets. They offer cutting-edge AI technologies for text-to-audio conversion, audio-to-text transcription, and audio-to-audio communication. Their mission is to provide AI-driven, multilingual, multimodal, and real-time voice intelligence.

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how to use:
To use ClearCypherAI, you can request a demo to explore their capabilities. They offer products such as automated speech recognition (ASR) for converting audio to text, voice synthesis for converting text to audio, and fine-tuned GPT models for text-to-text tasks. You can also benefit from their voiceprint and synthesis feature, threat assessment platform, in-house AI research, and access to built natural language datasets. They provide full customer support and services, including building custom AI platforms and datasets, API hosting, feature customization, and more. Additionally, ClearCypherAI offers AI solutions that can be deployed in air gapped environments.
Core freatures:
Text-to-Audio (T2A)Audio-to-Text (A2T)Audio-to-Audio (A2A)Fine-tuned GPT models for multilingual text-to-text tasksVoiceprint & Synthesis for targeting specific voices or detecting anomaliesThreat Assessment platform for AI-based threat analysisIn-house AI research and developmentBuilt natural language datasetsAbility to deploy AI solutions in air gapped environmentsFine-tuning capabilities for domain-specific data and engines
Use case:

Converting audio recordings to text for transcription purposes

Converting text into natural-sounding audio for voiceovers, virtual assistants, or other applications

Communicating with AI systems using audio inputs and receiving audio outputs

Creating AI platforms with custom datasets for various domains

Building applications with integrated AI solutions for voice-related tasks

Implementing voiceprint and synthesis technology for personalized voice experiences

Developing threat assessment platforms with AI intelligence

Conducting research in AI technologies

Accessing built natural language datasets for training and testing AI models

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