Claap 2.0

Claap is an all-in-one video workspace that aims to streamline collaboration and knowledge sharing within teams. It offers features like screen recording, meeting recording, and video wiki, allowing users to replace traditional meetings with short videos and turn them into shareable knowledge. Claap also provides AI-powered notes to supercharge meetings and make key moments easily accessible to teammates.

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how to use:
To use Claap, start by signing up for an account. Once you’re logged in, you can start recording your screen or meetings using the screen recording and meeting recording features. You can also utilize the video wiki to organize and search through your recordings. Claap offers integrations with various apps to automate workflows and enhance productivity. Simply connect your favorite apps and start using Claap to collaborate with your team effectively.
Core freatures:
Screen recordingMeeting recordingVideo wikiAI-notesVideo annotationComment threadsPollsAI-generated notes100-language transcriptSpeaker insightsTopic identificationAI-powered searchTeams & topics organizationAdvanced privacyInboxAutomated workflowsCustom views
Use case:

“title”: “Replace Meetings with Short Videos”,
“description”: “Share your work with quick screen recording and let teammates contribute on their own time. Replace traditional meetings with short videos to save time and increase productivity.”

“title”: “Supercharge Meetings with AI-Notes”,
“description”: “Record meetings and generate AI-powered notes to help teammates catch up on key moments. Use features like 100-language transcript, speaker insights, and topic identification to make meetings more efficient and insightful.”

“title”: “Create a Video Knowledge Hub”,
“description”: “Organize your recordings in teams and topics using the video wiki. Easily search through your videos and access AI-generated summaries. Use Claap as a central hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration.”

FAQ list:
Can I replace meetings with short videos? Can I generate AI-powered notes from my meetings? Can I search through my video recordings? Can I organize my workspace in teams and topics? Does Claap offer integrations with other apps? What are the pricing options for Claap?


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