Circleback is an AI-driven meeting assistant that provides reliable meeting notes and action items. It can transcribe and understand your meetings, allowing you to easily search for specific moments in the meeting. Circleback prioritizes data privacy and follows industry-leading encryption and storage policies.

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how to use:
To use Circleback, you can join any supported meeting platform such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, or BlueJeans. Simply copy the meeting link and paste it into the ‘Record Meeting’ field after logging in. Alternatively, you can connect your calendar for automatic meeting joining based on your preferences. Circleback will transcribe the meeting and provide you with near-perfect transcripts, notes, and action items within minutes of the meeting’s end.
Core freatures:
AI-driven meeting notes and action itemsNear-perfect transcriptsEasy search for specific meeting momentsPrivacy-first approach with encrypted data storageAutomatic joining of meetings
Use case:

Meeting note-taking

Action item tracking

Summarizing key meeting topics

Crafting follow-up emails based on meeting discussions

FAQ list:


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