ChatWP is an AI chatbot built to provide direct and accurate answers to WordPress questions. It has been trained on all the official WordPress documentation to ensure reliable information.

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how to use:
To use ChatWP, simply ask it any question you have about WordPress. Make sure to ask full questions instead of using keywords. You can specify the format of the answer (e.g., code examples, list, in Spanish) to tailor the response to your needs. Keep in mind that ChatWP can only answer questions based on the information available in the documentation.
Core freatures:
Provides direct answers to WordPress questionsTrained on official WordPress documentationOffers different response formats upon requestFocuses on accuracy and reliabilityHelps with installation, configuration, and general WordPress queries
Use case:

Getting quick answers to WordPress-related questions

Obtaining accurate information about WordPress functionalities

Understanding WordPress installation and configuration processes

Exploring the vast array of WordPress documentation

Finding solutions to common WordPress issues

FAQ list:
Where is ChatWP getting its information? Does ChatWP work with languages other than English? How does ChatWP work? How much does it cost to run ChatWP? Are you using WordPress contributor’s content? How old is the information, and how often is the data updated? Do you have an API I can use? What are your privacy protections?


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