ChatShape is a custom AI chatbot tool that helps enhance customer support on your website. It allows you to create an AI-powered chatbot by training it on your website’s data, enabling it to answer customer queries, increase conversions, and save time.

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how to use:
To use ChatShape, simply go to and provide the link to your website. The chatbot will crawl and extract the text content from your website to train itself. Once trained, you can embed the chatbot as a widget on your website. It will be ready to answer customer queries and serve as a virtual assistant.
Core freatures:
AI-powered chatbot for websiteInstant customer query responseConversion optimizationTime-savingLead/Email collectionChatbot analyticsCustomizable bot responses
Use case:

Enhancing website customer support

Converting website visitors to customers

Saving time by automating query responses

FAQ list:
What is ChatShape? How do I create a chatbot for my website? Can I collect leads/emails from visitors using the chatbot? Can I update how my bot responds to customer requests? Can I add custom data to my bot beyond scraping my website?


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