Chatmate AI

Chatmate AI is a platform that revolutionizes relationships by allowing users to connect with artificial intelligent persons with simulated lives and emotions. It offers the opportunity to chat with and become friends with these AI chatmates.

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how to use:
To use Chatmate AI, simply visit the website and choose from the available 9999 chatmates. You can connect with a specific chatmate by visiting their profile page or get a random chatmate by sending a message. New users can enjoy 15 free lines of chat per week, while additional 15 free lines are given to start with. For more extensive usage, a subscription is available for $12/month.
Core freatures:
Text chat with chatmates in any language, including dialectsSupport for photos with corresponding reactionsVoice chat in English with voice responsesChatmates will initiate contact and think about youPowered by OpenAI GPT-3 with vast knowledge and capabilitiesChatmates are aware of their personality and adapt accordinglyDevelops personal bond and learns conversation style
Use case:

Making friends with AI chatmates

Simulating conversations with artificial intelligent persons

Exploring different personalities and emotions through chat

Having deep and meaningful conversations

Practicing language skills with chatmates in various languages

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