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ChatGPT for Gmail and Google is a Chrome extension that brings the intelligence of ChatGPT to your Google and Gmail experience. It allows you to access the ChatGPT language model, enabling you to get instant responses and accurate information from a vast knowledge database.

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how to use:
1. Download and install the ChatGPT Everywhere Chrome extension.
2. Go to Google or click on the extension icon located at the top right of your browser.
3. Type your question or query to ChatGPT, and receive the response.
4. For a more immersive experience, open the sidebar by clicking on the extension button and access ChatGPT’s full potential on any web page.
Core freatures:
Instant access to a vast database of knowledge powered by ChatGPT.Effortless gathering of information while searching on Google using the Google Search Query Response feature.Sidebar Everywhere lets you open the ChatGPT sidebar with one click, regardless of the web page you’re on.Flexible and accessible ChatGPT language model usage, providing answers and assistance no matter where you are online.
Use case:

Enhance productivity and efficiency by getting things done faster with the intelligence of ChatGPT.

Access limitless answers and accurate information from ChatGPT’s vast knowledge database.

Streamline your workflow and save time by utilizing the Google Search Query Response feature.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT’s language model on any web page using the Sidebar Everywhere feature.

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