ChatGPT English Praktika App

Praktika is an immersive language learning app that utilizes generative AI avatars to provide users with a unique and realistic learning experience. It focuses on teaching English and offers a wide range of lessons and practice topics.

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how to use:
To use Praktika, simply download the app and create an account. Once logged in, you can choose from over 1000 lessons and practice topics to start learning English. The AI avatars will guide you through the lessons and provide real-time feedback, allowing you to improve your speaking skills effectively. You can track your progress and visualize your journey towards fluency on the detailed improvement curve provided.
Core freatures:
Ultrarealistic AI avatars for a immersive learning experience1000+ lessons and practice topics covering various aspects of EnglishUnlimited speaking practice to enhance fluencyReal-time and after-session feedback for rapid improvementAccurate lip-syncing and emotion/mimic recognition for realistic interactions
Use case:

Individuals looking to learn and improve their English speaking skills

People who want to practice English in a low-pressure environment

Students preparing for exams or interviews requiring English proficiency

Professionals seeking to enhance their language skills for career advancement

Travelers who want to communicate effectively in English-speaking countries

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