Channel is a data analytics platform that allows users to ask questions in plain English and get answers from their connected databases. It offers self-serve data insights without the need for SQL knowledge and generates beautiful visualizations for data analysis.

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how to use:
To use Channel, follow these steps:
1. Sign up and create an account.
2. Connect your database to Channel.
3. Start asking questions in plain English and get instant answers.
4. Explore your dataset and uncover valuable insights.
5. Collaborate with your team to build the best products based on data analysis.
Core freatures:
Connects to popular data warehouses (Snowflake, BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Databricks, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB)Self-serve data analysis without SQL knowledgeAutomatically generates beautiful visualizationsLearn from previous questions and prompts users to ask important questionsShared definitions to track terms across organizationsCollaborative platform for team-based data analysis
Use case:

Business intelligence and reporting

Data exploration and discovery

Product management

Analytics for decision-making

Data-driven insights for marketing strategies

FAQ list:


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