Chabotix is a no-code ChatGPT AI bot builder that allows you to revamp your website by adding a powerful AI chatbot. It uses ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities to enhance customer interactions and provide support on your website.

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how to use:
Using Chabotix is simple. Just follow these steps:
1. Upload your document or content.
2. Chabotix will automatically generate JS-CSS links.
3. Add the generated links to your website.
Once added, the ChatGPT AI bot will be ready to answer questions, recommend products, and provide fast support on your website without any coding.
Core freatures:
No-coding required: Chabotix eliminates the need for coding or flowchart design to create a chatbot for your website.AI-powered: Chabotix leverages ChatGPT’s advanced AI capabilities to understand natural language questions and provide accurate responses.Performance-first: Built with native JS and CSS, Chabotix is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring seamless customer interactions.Ready-to-use Javascript + CSS: Chabotix provides custom Javascript and CSS that can be easily added to any website, making it simple to integrate the chatbot.Multiple Use Cases: Chabotix can be used to answer customer queries, recommend products, and assist with various customer support tasks.
Use case:

Customer support: Chabotix can provide quick responses and assistance to customer inquiries on your website.

Product recommendations: Chabotix can analyze customer preferences and recommend products based on their needs.

FAQs: Chabotix can act as an interactive FAQ section, providing instant answers to commonly asked questions.

Lead generation: Chabotix can capture customer information and qualify leads for your business.

Order tracking: Chabotix can help customers track their orders and provide real-time updates.

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