Casetext is an award-winning legal AI company that has been developing cutting-edge technology for over 10 years. One of their flagship products is CoCounsel, which is the world’s first AI legal assistant. This AI assistant provides litigation and transactional skills to assist legal professionals in tasks such as document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, contract analysis, and more.

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how to use:
To use CoCounsel, legal professionals can sign up for a free trial on the Casetext website. Once registered, they can access and utilize CoCounsel’s features by entering specific issues or questions related to their legal cases or documents. CoCounsel will then generate comprehensive answers with supporting sources in a matter of minutes. Users can also upload contracts or documents for CoCounsel to review and provide insights on relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks.
Core freatures:
Document reviewLegal research memosDeposition preparationContract analysisAutomated contract revisionCritical document identificationKey information extractionThorough deposition outlines
Use case:

Solo and small law firms

Big law firms

In-house legal departments


Transactional attorneys

FAQ list:
What is CoCounsel? How can I use CoCounsel? What are the core features of CoCounsel? Who can benefit from using CoCounsel? Is pricing information available for CoCounsel?


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