Cargo is a modern CDP (Customer Data Platform) specifically designed for sales teams. It serves as a revenue architecture that enables sales reps to access qualified accounts in large quantities.

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how to use:
To use Cargo, sales teams can follow these steps:
1. Connect: Integrate all relevant tools and data into one centralized hub.
2. Segment: Easily segment leads based on various criteria such as demographics, behavior, or engagement.
3. Enrich: Enhance lead information by gathering data from different sources.
4. Score: Assign scores to leads based on their quality and likelihood to convert.
5. Assign: Distribute leads to sales reps based on their territories or expertise.
6. Orchestrate: Build automated workflows to streamline revenue operations.
7. Activate: Empower sales reps to focus on selling by automating revenue operations.
Core freatures:
Segmentation: Efficiently segment leads based on various criteria.Enrichment: Enhance lead information by gathering data from multiple sources.Lead Scoring: Assign scores to leads to prioritize and focus on high-quality prospects.Lead Assignment: Distribute leads to sales reps based on territories or expertise.Orchestration: Automate revenue operations and workflows.Data Integration: Connect and control all tools and data in one place.AI-powered Sales Copilot: Generate sales notes at scale for meaningful conversations with prospects.
Use case:

Scaling Sales: Provide sales reps with qualified leads at scale to maximize their productivity and effectiveness.

Data Democratization: Abstract the data warehouse to make it user-friendly for non-technical personnel.

Pipeline Growth: Utilize Cargo as a pipeline growth engine through its Customer Data Platform designed for sales teams.

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