CaliberAI is an AI platform that specializes in fine-tuning LLMs to detect potentially risky content. It provides solutions for minimizing risk by protecting online brands from defamation, hate speech, doxxing, IP disclosure, and climate denial through its AI-powered tools.

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how to use:
Using CaliberAI is simple. You can start by trying their demo to gain an understanding of how their platform works. To fully utilize their solutions, you can contact their sales team to discuss your specific requirements and integrate CaliberAI’s technology into your existing technology stack and editorial workflow.
Core freatures:
Defamatory Content SolutionsHarmful Content SolutionsOnline Article EvaluatorWhole Article EvaluatorFacebook ModeratorTwitter ModeratorWordPress CMS PluginReal-Time Browser ExtensionOnline Reviews ModeratorComments Moderator
Use case:

Comment Moderation

Article Evaluation

Writing and Editing

Reviewing Published and Archived Content

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