Byterat is an end-to-end cloud platform for battery research and engineering. It applies machine learning to forecast battery performance and helps in digitally transforming battery labs.

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how to use:
To use Byterat, simply book a demo with the Product Technology Team. The platform automates data cleaning, synchronizes lab data in real time, and reduces time from data to insight. It uncovers hidden patterns between battery design and performance, allowing users to predict experiment outcomes early. Byterat also provides a full audit trail of every battery test.
Core freatures:
Machine learning for battery performance forecastingData cleaning automationReal-time lab data synchronizationHidden pattern discoveryPredictive experiment outcome predictionFull audit trail of battery tests
Use case:

Byterat’s technology has been used in leading journals for AI-powered battery research. It has been utilized to extract signals of battery health from electrical signals and forecast future performance. Byterat also offers a predictive aging model that can accurately predict battery performance under different usage scenarios.

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