BuyLensAI is a bookmarking tool that helps users save and organize items they are interested in while shopping online.

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how to use:
1. Install the BuyLensAI Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
2. Browse the internet and when you come across an item you want to save, click on the extension toolbar icon.
3. The item will be captured and saved to your personal shopping HQ.
4. You can view and manage your saved items in one place, share them with others, and track your shopping expenses.
Core freatures:
Capture any items on the internet with one clickSave anything from any websiteCompatible with various product categoriesNever lose track of items with easy accessCreate item collections and share with othersMonitor shopping expenses and stay within budget
Use case:

Saving and organizing shopping items

Remembering luxury bags or other inspirational products

Managing real estate listings or holiday destinations

Tracking expenses across multiple eCommerce websites

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