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BuildAI is a platform that allows users to build AI-powered web apps tailored to their business without requiring any technical skills. By providing a text-based input, the AI app generates text-based outputs to enhance customer experience, lead generation, and internal tools.

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how to use:
To start building your own AI app with BuildAI, follow these steps:
1. Sign up to create an account on BuildAI.
2. Describe what you want the AI app to do for your business in the format ‘An app that [action] based on user’s [input]’.
3. Customize the appearance of your AI app.
4. Run the AI app with an input to see the generated results.
5. Modify the AI app’s instructions as needed and rerun it.
6. Get the URL of your own AI app and start empowering your business with it!
Core freatures:
Text-based AI appsCustomizable app appearanceAI amplification of expertiseNatural language customizationEmbedded AI in your website
Use case:

Customer Experience AI

Lead Generation AI

Internal Tools AI

FAQ list:
How do I start building my own AI app? Can I build any app that I want? Can I try it before purchasing? Can I get the AI app’s code? How do I embed the app in my website?


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