Brynga is an on-demand team that every agency uses and every business needs. It offers unlimited access at scale for content creation and marketing purposes. With a subscription-based model, users can access a wide range of creative professionals, including graphic designers, copywriters, motion designers, 2D animators, and even AI designers.

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how to use:
To use Brynga, simply sign up for a subscription and gain access to a team of creative professionals. Users can make requests for various types of content, such as logos, motion designs, images, and writing services, through the client portal. Communication with the team can be done through the portal or other preferred methods. Users can request revisions if needed and download the final content. Brynga also offers a customized client portal using Notion collaboration software for efficient project management.
Core freatures:
Unlimited access to creative professionalsClient portal for managing interactions, requests, and filesMarketing content tailored to meet specific needs and stand outIncreased productivity and optimized workflowSupport for unlimited requests and revisionsAbility to work with multiple brandsDedicated project managerSeamless collaboration through the client portalAccess to graphic designers, copywriters, motion designers, 2D animators, and AI designers
Use case:

Agencies in need of on-demand creative professionals for client projects

Businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts

Startups requiring support for graphic design, copywriting, motion design, and animation

Individuals and organizations needing content for events, festivals, or marketing campaigns

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