Breadcrumbs Copilot

Breadcrumbs is an enterprise-grade lead scoring platform that helps optimize the entire sales funnel, achieving up to a 30% increase in the conversion of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Opportunities (Opp). It is designed for both Sales-Assisted and Product-Led Growth (PLG) motions, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses.

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how to use:
To use Breadcrumbs, you can start by creating your first lead-scoring model using the help of Breadcrumbs Copilot. This feature analyzes your data and generates a suggested model with just a few clicks. However, you still have full control and can make changes at any point. Breadcrumbs also offers a data-driven approach to automate lead scoring, allowing you to create transparent and customizable models. By integrating Breadcrumbs with your existing tech stack, you can unlock the potential growth in your business and optimize various revenue levers. Additionally, Breadcrumbs provides consolidated business intelligence by consolidating data from different platforms, enabling operators to make data-driven decisions for marketing program optimization and improving funnel efficiency.
Core freatures:
Automated lead scoring with data-driven modelsNative OAuth integrations for easy data accessVisualize data from connected platforms in one placeObjective conversations between Marketing and Sales with predictive attribute identificationValidation of different hypotheses through comparisonNo-code connectors to bring together data in your tech stackUnlimited workspaces and models for optimal scalabilityDeep analytics at every level of the Scoring EngineSupport for different go-to-market strategies (Sales-Assisted, PLG, Hybrid)
Use case:

Lead scoring optimization to increase conversion rates from MQLs to Opportunities

Data-driven decision making for marketing program optimization

Improved sales and marketing alignment for more objective conversations

Consolidated business intelligence for deep analysis of prospects, leads, and customers

Support for various go-to-market strategies

FAQ list:
What is Breadcrumbs? How can I use Breadcrumbs? What are the core features of Breadcrumbs? What are the use cases for Breadcrumbs?


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