BotDistrikt is a user experience-focused chatbot builder for startups and enterprises. It is a complete chatbot solution that allows businesses to design virtual personalities for their customers to engage with. With BotDistrikt, you can track clicks, impressions, funnels, and other data points to make conversations and convert. It also offers features like lead qualification, drip campaigns, and data-driven insights.

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how to use:
To use BotDistrikt, follow these steps:
1. Request a demo to get started.
2. Design a virtual personality for your customers to engage with.
3. Set up rules and segments to qualify leads.
4. Personalize content and broadcast messages based on customer segmentation.
5. Analyze data points to optimize conversations and improve conversion rates.
6. Manage ticket volume and handover complex issues to the bot.
7. View and manage customer conversations from various channels in one real-time inbox.
8. Customize the bot using logical conditions, regex patterns, AI training, API integrations, and JavaScript functions.
9. Connect the bot to your own systems of record and HTTP APIs using webhooks.
10. Take advantage of the bot’s memory feature to remember, re-use, and modify topics of conversation.
11. Use AI integrations and rule editors to create powerful and controlled chatbot experiences.
12. Deploy your chatbot anywhere.
Core freatures:
User experience-focused chatbot builderNo-code requiredDesign virtual personalitiesTrack clicks, impressions, funnels, and data pointsQualify leads based on rules and segmentsDrip campaigns for personalized contentData-driven insightsNon-linear chatbot conversations24/7 live responseHuman handovers for complex issuesOmnichannel inbox for managing conversationsCustomizable with logical conditions, regex patterns, API integrations, and JavaScript functionsWebhook connections to external systemsMemory feature for storing and modifying conversation topicsHybrid AI + Rules for scalable training
Use case:

Inbound marketing strategy

Customer support

Lead qualification

Personalized content delivery

Data-driven decision making

Ticket management and volume control

Omnichannel customer communication

Integration with existing tools

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