Blynkkr is a revolutionary application that combines all your social media profiles into one secure digital identity. It utilizes facial recognition AI and blockchain technology to protect your privacy and offers seamless contact addition.

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how to use:
1. Sign up and set up your Blynkkr profile card.
2. Use the A.I. Scan Contact feature to add new contacts by aiming your device camera at their face.
3. If the contact is on Blynkkr, their profile card will appear on your screen for confirmation.
4. The contact will receive a notification to grant you access to their profile card containing their social links.
Core freatures:
Facial recognition AI for accurate facial analysis, face comparison, and face searchIntegration with blockchain technology for secure data storageAbility to seamlessly add contacts using facial recognitionOn-device processing for increased privacy and securityComplete control over your personal data
Use case:

Streamlining social media profiles into one convenient location

Efficient contact addition through facial recognition AI

Protecting personal data with blockchain technology

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