BLUF is an AI-powered web page assistant that uses the power of AI to provide concise answers, summaries, and explanations of web pages. It saves time by cutting out irrelevant information and getting straight to the point.

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how to use:
To use BLUF, simply install the extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser. Once installed, you can sign in and start using its features. You can ask questions, request summaries or explanations of web pages, and even ask follow-up questions. BLUF will provide you with the key highlights of any page in seconds, making complex concepts crystal clear.
Core freatures:
Concise answers, summaries, and explanations of web pagesAI-poweredBrowser extension for Chrome and FirefoxSign in and get startedNarrow down informationSummarize large contentExplain complex conceptsAsk follow-up questions
Use case:

Quickly obtain important information from web pages

Reduce time spent reading irrelevant content

Simplify complex documents

Enhance understanding of web page content

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