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BlockSurvey is a private, secure, and anonymous way to collect data through surveys, questionnaires, and online forms. It is a privacy-first data collection platform that puts data ownership and user privacy at the forefront. With BlockSurvey, your data is encrypted in decentralized private storage, giving you full ownership and protection against data leaks and breaches. Respondents’ privacy is also safeguarded, as they won’t be exposed to ads, trackers, or third-party scripts that compromise privacy.

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how to use:
To use BlockSurvey, simply sign up for a free account. Once signed in, you can create surveys, forms, and questionnaires using the AI-driven survey generation feature, which allows you to generate surveys in seconds without any programming skills. Customize your surveys with branding elements like fonts, themes, logos, and even use your own custom domain for a white-label experience. Collaborate with your team in real-time, and add skip logic or conditional logic to create custom flows in your forms based on respondents’ answers. You can also integrate with other apps using Webhooks, Zapier, and Integromat. BlockSurvey provides built-in analytics for gathering insights from collected data, and you can embed your forms and surveys into your website. The platform also supports right-to-left language support and offers payment acceptance through forms and surveys.
Core freatures:
Private and secure data storageEnd-to-end encryption of dataAnonymous surveysAI-generated survey questionsTeam collaboration in real-timeAdvanced analytics for data analysisEmbedding options for websitesWhite-label customizationPayment acceptance through forms and surveys
Use case:

Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys

Employee surveys and feedback

Product market research surveys

Community polls and surveys

Student assessments and surveys

Therapist and coach evaluations

Activism and social justice surveys

FAQ list:
How is BlockSurvey different from SurveyMonkey, TypeForm & Google Forms? What are the benefits of using BlockSurvey? What is the difference between surveys, polls, and forms? Can I create them with BlockSurvey? Do I need to know coding to use BlockSurvey? Is there any discounted pricing available for students, non-profits, or other organizations? Does BlockSurvey store any data about my usage or run analytics? Can you describe BlockSurvey’s data security and privacy practices? Does BlockSurvey work on both web and mobile?


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