Bito is an AI-powered web design platform that offers instant website design solutions. It provides consulting services and allows users to create free or subscription-based custom websites with the help of its advanced AI technology.

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how to use:
To use Bito, simply sign up or log in to the website. Select the type of project you want to build, such as an app, landing page, website, blog, NFT, dashboard, or widget. BitoAI will generate design options for you to choose from. You can further customize your designs using upcoming releases like BitoAI Neutrino. The platform also offers BitoAI Singularity, which converts custom design mockups into code. Additionally, Bito integrates with DiFunkt for NFT creation and distribution.
Core freatures:
AI design generatorcustomizable HD rendersdesign-to-code conversionNFT creation and distribution
Use case:

Creating apps

Designing landing pages

Building websites

Creating blogs

Designing NFT artwork

Developing dashboards

Creating widgets

FAQ list:
How does Bito generate designs? Can I customize the designs generated by BitoAI? Does Bito support the conversion of designs to code? Can I create and distribute NFTs with Bito? What are the pricing plans for Bito?


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