Bito AI: Bring ChatGPT to your IDE for devs

Bito AI is an AI virtual assistant for developers that aims to enhance coding experience and boost productivity. It integrates with various IDEs and offers features like code generation, unit test creation, code commenting, code performance improvement, and explanations for new code.

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how to use:
To use Bito AI, you can start by installing the Bito plugin on your preferred IDE, such as JetBrains or VS Code. Once installed, Bito will be available as an extension in your IDE. You can then interact with Bito by providing prompts or commands related to your coding tasks. Bito will analyze the code and provide suggestions, generate code snippets, explain code segments, and assist in writing tests and comments. Bito aims to simplify and automate coding tasks, making the development process more efficient.
Core freatures:
Code generationUnit test creationCode commentingCode performance improvementExplanations for new codeIntegration with IDEs by JetBrainsIntegration with VS CodeChrome extensionCLI support
Use case:

Writing test cases

Writing code snippets

Learning Scala and Java

Automating code implementation and issue resolution

Developing Adobe InDesign Server scripts

Improving efficiency in chatbot development

FAQ list:


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