Bifrost is a tool that uses AI to convert Figma designs into clean React code automatically. It supports Tailwind and Chakra for easy integration into your project.

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how to use:
To use Bifrost, sign in to the platform and import your Figma designs. Bifrost will analyze the designs and generate React code that matches your codebase. You can create entire component sets, conditionally render components, and use default props from Figma. You can also start with any screen from any flow and Bifrost will generate the necessary components. Any design changes can be easily pulled into existing components or used to generate new screens.
Core freatures:
Bifrost offers the following core features:
– AI-powered conversion of Figma designs to React code
– Support for Tailwind and Chakra for seamless integration
– Generation of entire component sets
– Type-safe and conditionally rendered components
– Ability to use default props from Figma
– Effortless iteration with design changes
– One-click synchronization with Figma
– Empowering designers with easy screen creation and updates
Use case:

Bifrost is useful for various stages of development:
0 ?? 1: Lay the perfect foundation by creating entire component sets from Figma that are type safe and have default props.
1 ?? 10: Scale with finesse by generating screens from any flow, using existing components and generating new ones.
10 ?? 100: Effortlessly iterate by pulling new design changes to any generated components, even after adding custom logic.
Bifrost is a great tool for both designers and engineers, allowing designers to update screens without messy handoffs and empowering engineers to focus on driving business-forward features.

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